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The Pes and their beginnings

The people of the Beluvial seas have long been proud of their postumous beginnings. Where the Fae of the Land find their beginnings in the ending of Tuamo, the God of Wings, the Pes were brought fourth by the affair of his son, Merado with the sea spirit Estrea. It is said that the entwining of the two beings churned the oceans, leading to a thousand days of ocean storms. The sea crashed and swelled over the shores of the world. When their arduous love making was finally spent, out of the deep waters slipped the hundred first children of the Pescavarian race. All but one of these children, frolicked in their ocean home. One, a daughter of exquisite beauty, found her form tossed onto the shores of the Strefalla continent.

Estrea having given so much of herself to her children, found herself fading and weak on the shores of the ocean. Merado was not of the water, and not a God known for his fidelity. In her weakened state, the serpent Estrea turned her purple serpent eyes on the beautiful daughter who looked so much like her father. Her daughters form was half woman and half slender tail, scaled and golden. The daughter wept for her mother, emploring her to hold onto life. But in her bitterness, Estrea hissed out a curse as she sunk to the murky depths of the Beluvial oceans. She cursed her daughter into sea foam, to only regain her form when a gods love once again spread through the oceans. The other Pes children took on all manner of half form, but none as beautiful as the sister they had lost. As the ages past, the Pes became a mighty race, always hoping one day the Daugther of Estrea would return to them.

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