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Child of Intention

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In a time forgotten, doorways between worlds were easily crossed and the Fae lived in two worlds. But war lead to the division of the worlds by the Great Veil. Now the Fae are forgotten on Earth, but they have not forgotten in Beluvial. 

The Fae have left earth to humankind many millennia ago, dividing the sister worlds of Beluvial and Earth with the Great Veil. While man has long forgotten their shared history, the Fae have cautiously watched the human world. Keirin, one of the High Fae, has been tasked with monitoring a rare human that unknowingly holds traces of Fae blood. While the Fae world has existed in relative peace for centuries, it has not gone unnoticed that magic has been changing. Over the centuries and the Gods and Goddesses are growing quiet. When Keirin’s charge, Amara, begins displaying signs of transforming into one of the High Fae, he must find a way to protect her while answering the question of why the Fae Gods would choose to favour a human?

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Behind the Author

The stories of her childhood kept her sane.  There hasn't been a time where she didn't want to disappear into another world.

A long time ago, this author found herself struggling to find a story that inspired her. She thought to herself, you know what I'm going to write my own story. And then nothing else happened for many many years. 

But finally the characters and voices that sang in her imagination came to the page.  Somewhere in the last 3 years, the Beluvial tales have become a second home to this author.  May the characters bring you much joy, and more than a little magic. 

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“Listen you have had a hard few days, there are hundreds of Fae folk that we could tell you about, they call this the Land of Wings with good reason."
Theylin Fae Marcus

Book of Wings

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